TED TALK: Susan Kish, Head of Cross Platform Initiatives at Bloomberg LP, admits at TED in Vancouver that it had been a long time she sat in front of a terminal and programmed. And so, she learned to code all over again. A look at the power of understanding code - and why it's so important for established business leaders to learn. 

Susan Kish speaks at the Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Conference, held with the MIT Connection Science initiative.  Her remarks spoke of the role that blockchain could play in transforming the energy industry.  Distributed ledgers' ability to work with real time data analytics and smart contracts, might provide a pragmatic solution to specific areas such as transmission trading, by simplifying processes, improving liquidity and easing invoicing and settlement amongst trusted parties.  The potential impact?  Helping the energy sector to decarbonize, democratize, digitalize and densify. 

Head Cross media Initiatives at Bloomberg "Tell me your networks and I will tell who you really are." "You don't need 150 people to build a good network. Four determined persons are a great start." Susan is a "network guru" and explains who are the "connectors", the "experts" and the "boundary spanners".

Susan Kish speaks at the Global Talent Summit in Zurich, Switzerland about the importance of asking questions, the uncertainty surrounding the future of work, and the impact of a well designed and well thought through event.

Entrepreneur Susan Kish of Excel Venture Management describes herself as the clear definition of a digital immigrant -- a self-concern that led her to take up coding. In doing so, Susan demonstrated a willingness to exit her comfort zone, which was a recurring theme at the She Runs It Stages Summit in Chicago last summer. 

Transactions have always involved middlemen. They establish trust-but also bring extra cost, complexity, and potential for error. Blockchain provides a secure, fast, transparent, and error-free digital record of the history of transactions, and so has the potential to replace many intermediaries. Will it?

Susan Kish, Agora Curator and Christina Butkiewicus, Director, Digital Strategy, IHS Markit discuss how companies are looking at technology to reduce costs and increase yield and have a real impact on their business.